Welcome to WATAYA RYOKAN. We have over 200 years of History

History & Tradition

We have been serving guests here at Tsunan, a land of history & nature, from Edo era.
What make us attrative are delicious ” Kaiseki” dinner course using seasonal local ingredients, and traditional interior design of 200 and more years of history. We do care both traditions and comfortness, which leads to “O. MO. TE. NA. SHI”, heartwarming hospitality.
If you are looking for a cozy traditional place to stay during your vacation or business trip, WATAYA RYOKAN is your best choice.

Tsunan made Casablanca Lily Flower

Yuki Bijin

Tsunan is famous for production of casablanca, the most noble lily. In 1999, it won Japan Agriculture Grand Prize for it’s quality.
Not only producer’s skills and efforts on reserch, but also Tsunan’s climate and producing method are the reason why “Yuki Bijin” (snow beauty), Tsunan brand casablanca, keeping the top quality.
It is grown at low altitude farmland in spring and fall, while in summer it’s moved to highland plateau to keep the temperature cold and chilly at night. This makes it’s stem strong, and long lasting “Yuki Bijin” is widely loved all around Japan.
Visitors to WATAYA RYOKAN can enjoy “Yuki Bijin” decorated in our hall.

Wishing you a Safe Trip, Longevity & Hapiness

Crane & Turtle

At reception, we exhibit stuffed crane and turtle as symbols of happiness. Our former owner thought that crane flying freely and turtle swimming freely represents living f eewheeling life.
Perhaps they were longing for ocean, since they were living in inland.
Nowadays, sea turtles are registered as Internationally Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora. Transferring or selling of it is prohibited and it’s rare to face i t. We appreciate and exhibit it at reception so that guests can sight this pecious creature.

Wataya Ryokan associated with Eiji Yoshikawa

Our Ryokan is also associated with Eiji Yoshikawa, a great writer of the Showa period. For more information, please see the introduction page below.

Wataya Ryokan associated with Eiji Yoshikawa

We look forward to your visit.
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