ⅲ. Cuisine

Up Graded “Kaiseki” Dinner Course

Our chef's up graded "Kaiseki" dinner course is making the most of seasonal local ingredients' original taste. Not only it's taste / quality / volume but also it's visual is vivid and vibrant. This course would provide you gorgeous quality dinner time.
*Actual dish might differ from the picture, due to seasonal ingredients at those times.

“Nigata Wagyu” beef will be served for the main dish of the course. Being surrounded by clean water from melting snow and fresh air, “Nigata Wagyu” cow grows up to be high quality beef. It’s bait is luxurious as well, such as rice straw of “Koshihikari”.


For desserts, we will serve Tsunan sweet corn gelato. Due to Tsunan’s distinctive climate of warm daytime and chilly night time, sweetness of the corn is well trapped inside the corn and this result in breathtakingly delicious sweet gelato.

Our tempura is not just a normal Tempura. It’s “Dankyu Tempura”, which is certified as “Naebasanrei Geo Park Specialty Products”. Our local edible wild plants are popular for it’s soft texture and less bitter taste, it’s sweet especially in summer time. We also have several types of mushrooms here in Tsunan to deep fry into Tempura. Please also enjoy river terrace imaged plating of it.

One of a attractive point of Tsunan is that since the town is located near Japan sea, people can enjoy fresh seafood caught in the sea. It is one of a few region in Japan that foods from both ocean & mountain are cooked while those are in fresh and good condition.

Steamed Matsutake mushrooms are available in fall.

“Uonuma Koshihikari” is said to be the best rise brand in Japan for it’s brilliant balance of sweetness & juicy mouth feel.
As Tsunan, Uonuma being a heavy snowfall area, the mineralized water from the melting snow hydrates rice field s, and together with the region’s rich soil, it grows rich taste rice.