ⅲ. Cuisine

Standard “Kaiseki” Dinner Course

旬ur chef's standard "Kaiseki" dinner course is cooked with Tsunan's local ingredients of each season. Enjoy locally caught seafood and blessings of nature mountains.
*Actual dish might differ from the picture, due to seasonal ingredients at those times.

Let us serve “Tsunan Pork” & “Tsumaari Pork”, Tsunan’s brand pork we are proud of, as main dish. It’s sweet and creamy, and melts in your mouth.

Our tempura is not just a normal Tempura. It’s “Dankyu Tempura”, which is certified as
“Naebasanrei Geo Park Specialty Products”. Our local edible wild plants are popular for it’s soft texture and less bitter taste, it’s sweet especially in summer time. We also have several types of mushrooms here in Tsunan to deep fry into Tempura. Please also enjoy river terrace imaged plating of it.