The history of Wataya Ryokan from the Edo period and the spirit of hospitality passed down from generation to generation of proprietresses (Okami-san). The tradition of Japanese hospitality still lives on here.

ⅰ. Special Plan

We have a special plan to meet your expectations.


Let us help produce a special moment for you & your beloved ones!

[Complimentary toast drink and cake at dinner]

ⅱ. Guest Rooms

Enjoy calm & quiet moment at cozy rooms.

Japanese-style room for 2-4 guests

Japanese-style room for 2-4 guests, suitable for family stay or couple stay.

Rooms have 8 to 10 tatami mats and a 3 tatami sized sunken kotatsu for a relaxing stay.

Japanese-style room, for one person

Recommended for single travelers.

Rooms are 6 to 8 tatami in size.
This type of rooms are available with or without a sunken kotatsu, and with or without a unit bath.

ⅲ. Cuisine

Enjoy delicious dishes made with local meat and vegetables from Tsunan Town.

Up Graded “Kaiseki” Dinner Course

Our chef's up graded "Kaiseki" dinner course is making the most of seasonal local ingredients' original taste.

*Actual dish might differ from the picture, due to seasonal ingredients at those times.

Standard “Kaiseki” Dinner Course

旬ur chef's standard "Kaiseki" dinner course is cooked with Tsunan's local ingredients of each season. Enjoy locally caught seafood and blessings of nature mountains.

*Actual dish might differ from the picture, due to seasonal ingredients at those times.


Delicious breakfasts unique to Niigata and Tsunan are served.

(Dishes vary depending on the season and the availability of ingredients. The photos are just an example.)

Various local sake

Various types of local sake are available, including "Naeba Shuzo" and "Tsunan Jozo" from Tsunan Town, "Hakkai Shuzo" and "Echigo Wine" from Uonuma City and others.

ⅳ. Bath & Sauna

Comfortable facilities to relieve fatigue from travel and work.

Bath & Sauna

There are bathrooms (men's and women's) where you can stretch out your arms and legs and take a spacious bath.

ⅴ. Amenity

We offer extensive a menities and facilities.

Amenity set

Yukata, tenugui, bath towels, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razor blades, tabi socks, etc. are available.

ⅵ. Special Product

Treasures of the Land

Please enjoy "Dankyu Tempura" certified as a Naeba Sanroku Geopark Specialty Product.

"Dankyu Tempura" is our original dish.


Events in Tsunan Town

The four seasons change rapidly, and Tsunan, with its diverse topography, offers a wide variety of events and fairs.

ⅷ. Sightseeing in the area