Who's Eiji Yoshikawa?

A Great Author in Showa Era

Eiji Yoshikawa, an author of novels based on Japanese history such as “Miyamoto Musashi”, “Sangokushi”, “Modern Heike Monogatari”, “Shinsho Taikoki” etc… was popular among wide range of fans du ring pre war / post war time of Showa era. He is also known among history fans as an original author of TV dramas and history comics.
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Our Relation

Writing of "Modern Heike Monogatari"

In August 1953, Eiji Yoshikawa stayed in WATAYA RYOKAN, where he investigated
Akiyama gou to write the novel “Modern Heike Monogatari”. It is said that he hired wood gas vehicle to look aroud the area. Actual desk and lap blanket he used when writing the novel are exhibited at our entrance, together with his hand writing hanging scroll.